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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Apolige and CHRISTMAS

Le Parfum Eau De Parfum 50ml
Ellie Saab 30ml

Kindle Video

Hello Beauties,I am sorry for the previous, deppresing post. Sometimes i just feel like if you keep things bottled up for to long you can have a    sudden rush of emotions, so anyway apoliges for that.

Now on to a more cheery topic, CHRISTMAS yes i know its the 9th of november i just get far to excited :) Anyway i actually have a point to this post and it is to share with you what i am going to get for my family, so this could help you out for ideas maybe ??

OK so for the mumatron i am getting herElle Saab perfume, as i know she really wants it, although it is a little on the pricey side, £38.00 :/, my purse isn't the biggest fan of the tron ;) But she is definitely worth it, even if i do have to do overtime at work and get up at 7am on a Saturday morning :/

For my Dad, me and my brother are going to buy him a Kindle, as he loves reading and new gets a big present really, so we are changing that this year :) I believe they are around £80ish so we are going to pay £30 each and then my mum is donating us £20 hehe :) 

For the Bro i will probably get him a game ?? Which ever one he asks me for, he he :)

For my Sister, i am getting her the Logo board game and come fly with me season 1
The Logo Board Game 

OK so that is the family done, i hope this was helpful/interesting :) I have gone and done it by the way, started posting videos on YouTube, they aren't very good ATM, just because i am so busy ATM but they definitely will be improving so please go and subscribe, it would mean so much to me :)
My YouTube :)
Love You All Ellie :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

So Unhappy :(

Hello everyone,
I was going to start this post by saying that it is going to be something slightly different, but lets be honest i always do these sloppy emotional posts, where i can let out my feelings.This is directed at the people at school in my lessons.
 I may seem like a quiet shy girl, but inside there is a loud, outgoing, confident person that i once was before starting the place i now call my school, i was able to speak in lessons and be myself, but now i feel like a prisoner and i cant seem to stop feel sick and worried every time i have a lesson, this is because no one will ever talk to me a simple hello how are you today? would be nice. I was never expecting to be miss.popular but to be included and to feel included and welcomed into the school by people that feel at home after being there for 5 years. There seems to be now awareness and no empathy, people literally couldn't care less and this is something i cant rap my head around how is this possible that those students cant seem to realise that people are upset all the time, at least 3 people told me they went home and cry every night so chose to leave the school due to other people not making them feel welcome. I think this is disgusting why cant people put them selves in other peoples shoes, because i can bet that not all of those students would be able to cope with being thrown in to a new environment where everybody has known each other and thinks that they are some kind of super genius, and wont make any effort to speak to you. I don't want anyone to think i am this weired depressed freak because the answer is i am not, i am unhappy at this moment in my life. Well thanks to my beautiful followers hope you are all well :)

Love You All Ellie :) xxx

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Devon :P

Hello Beautiful Girls and Boys ;)
I know, i know it has been a month since i last gave you an outfit my life has been pretty hectic and i have purchased loads of stuff but i am not going to do a haul just include clothes in ootd posts and makeup etc in beauty posts :) I will say my 4 most exciting purchases  have been, my coat from primark, my dog bag from river island, my foxy locks extension's and my iPhone 4 :)

Well today's post is showing you all some pictures from my trip to Devon with 3 of my friends in august :P

Yep so just a random mix of some pictures :)
Oh if i didn't already mention i did get the job i applied for :)
Love You All Ellie :) x

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Back to School

Hi Sweetie Pies ;)
So i start a new school tomorrow, I'm so nervous i don't know anybody so I'm worrying about making friends. But i will definitely be doing a post about how my first day goes. So if anyone has any tips for me please share them in the comments. I have no idea what i am going to where so i need to sort that out today, i will do an outfit post on it and an updated everyday makeup. On another topic I'm really considering making YouTube videos, What do you guys think ??? Please let me know.

OK Love You All Ellie :) x (good luck if your starting school/uni/college soon)